Point visited in Yantai:

- technological and operational optimization of the growth of fish species in freshwater systems and marine recirculating water;
- implementation and optimization of growth technologies of different species of marine fish production systems in Romania and PR China;
- strategies to developing of new technologies to increase aquaculture product quality by implementing specific traceability systems.

Tianyuan Company for marine aquaculture;
Frozen & Chill fishery product processing company, Oriental ocean Group;
National Engineering Center for seaweed, Oriental ocean Group;
Collagen production company, Oriental Ocean Group.
Institute for Costal Line, Science Academy of China;
Yantai Campus, China Agricultural University;
Chateau Changyu Karst;
Chateau JunDing, Zhongliang;

Point visited in Beijing:

College of Information and Electrical Engineering, China Agricultural University: presentation of research progress and achievements in the development of traceability systems;
College of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering, China Agricultural University: presentation of research on quality and traceability;
Peking University – visit the campus of the first ranked university in PR China;
Beijing Aquarium, the presentation of fish species in RP waters China and "aquaculture for entertainment";