Project title: Development of Highly-Efficient Aquaculture Biosecure Recirculating Integrated System Technology



”Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati

P.R. China:

China Agricultural University

Project timeline: 22 months

The general objective of the project:

This project aims to develop collaborative relationships with scientific research teams from China, with experience in aquaculture, in order to enhance the knowledge of technical and technological experience accumulated by researchers from the two universities involved in the project proposal: University Dunarea de Jos Galati (UDJ) and China Agricultural University (CAU).

The specific objectives of the project:

Exchange new scientific information between Romanian and Chinese researchers on industrial aquaculture production and contaminants composition in recirculating aquaculture systems for rearing trout and turbot. Strengthening the solutions for environmental problems caused by aquaculture.

Establishment of the repair biological systems ‘algae-shellfish-benthic-probiotics’ for water treatment in the recirculating aquaculture system. Development of technologies on bioremediation-based and biological safety water treatment for rearing trout and turbot.

Strength a China-Romanian network of experts which will contribute to deepening the cooperation and the participation of the 7th Framework Program of the European Community.